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As long as there is time to sleep


'As long as there is time to sleep' is a small collection of non-linear or loosely connected series of texts that resulted from personal experiences and research on sleep, in a manner that is rhythmic at times and arhythmic in other.

0.. Lie down: a prelude
1.. Introduction
2.. Artificial stars
4.. I like to stay horizontal
5.. Who falls asleep?
6.. To sleep in a world without lullaby
7.. While there’s still time
8.. Dormant buds on twigs
9.. Ostriches are diurnal but may be active on moonlit nights

Written by Yoojin Lee
Designed by Yoojin Lee and Kristine Nørgaard Andersen
Edited by John Holten
20 pages, 14 x 20 cm, paperback
Two versions of riso printed outer cover
Illustrated bookmark

More info on www.nijooy.com/texts